Don’t Make These Mistakes When Hiring A DUI Lawyer

Don’t Make These Mistakes When Hiring A DUI Lawyer

There are people all over Toronto who are charged with DUI each day. Instead of panicking if you are one of them, your best bet would be to hire a lawyer to assist you with your case. You will have the greatest chance of finding one that is reliable if you avoid these mistakes along the way.

Hiring a lawyer that does not have a specialized background in DUI can turn out to be a fatal error on your part. There are laws that are not generally known by those who are not experts, so you would be doing yourself a huge disservice. If they insist that they are capable of handling this type of case but their track record says otherwise, you should certainly look for someone else.

Never hire someone without inquiring about their current caseload. While you want a great attorney, this does not mean that you should accept help from someone who is currently working on a barrelful of cases. You want to make sure that the person working on your case has the time and energy to devote to your defense, and this cannot be guaranteed with a super busy lawyer.

Rushing to sign contracts without reading them is a huge no-no. Even if the person you are speaking with seems fairly trustworthy, you want to make sure that you are protected. In the event that there are some hidden fees revealed later, or something of that nature, you will not be able to dispute this since you willingly entered into an agreement.

You should meet with at least 3-5 different lawyers before choosing the one you feel will offer you the best representation. If you find a great lawyer immediately, you should still meet with others before making a hiring decision. You do not want to be hasty and you end up missing out on an attorney that could have offered you an even stronger defense than the one you selected.

Having to defend yourself against DUI charges is very serious, so this is not something that you should be taking lightly. Hiring a great attorney is the one hope you have at walking away from this unscathed. As long as you avoid making these errors during the selection process, you should end up with legal help that is worth the investment of time and money.

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